Warwan Valley, a piece of paradise on earth!

If you're someone who would like to enjoy Green meadows, beautiful landscapes, lovely scenery, mesmerising rivers, cattle and horses grazing grass along with wonderful weather, you need to head to Warwan, a beautiful valley in the suburbs of Jammu district, just few hours drive from Kishtawar or Srinagar. Warwan valley is an unexplored valley where tourists are yet to reach and maybe that's why it's untouched and pristine till now. It is a place where you will find mesmerising views all around along with beautiful and caring people who will make you feel like home with their hospitality and warm attitude. It is a place where you will easily find solitude if you are in search for it.

In this blog post I'll be covering Warwan valley and some of the local villages we visited during our expedition out here and hope you'll enjoy this post. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well to know more about this place.

View of the Warwan valley just before you reach the Check-post.. beautiful! Isn't it!

View of the Warwan valley.. beautiful! Isn't it!

View of the Warwan valley.. beautiful! Isn't it!

This is in continuation to my earlier post on the drive to Warwan valley. If you haven't read that, please do so here https://www.amitpahuja.com/single-post/drive-to-warwan-valley-a-piece-of-paradise-on-earth

Ok so, just before we entered the Warwan town, there was a police check post where we had to register ourselves and provide our details for security purposes. Upon conversation with the police folks, we were told that there are 2 stay options here in Warwan, 1) a guest house which was just few meters from the police check post and 2) a tent/camping accommodation which is 5 kms away but at a beautiful location. We decided to check both the places before deciding where to stay or pitch our own tent that we carried with us.

The police check-post

We then checked the guest house and found it to be decent with good room and attached toilet but we decided to check the camping option as well. So we drove to the camping spot and immediately liked the place and settled for staying there. The drive to the camping place is just 5kms from the check-post and you have to take left after the check-post and continue straight till you see camping tents on your right on an island surrounded by beautiful mountains and a flowing river.

Some pictures of the valley on the way to the camp-site..

Beautiful vistas everywhere ..

Road to the camping site..

The Camp-site: The only camp-site as of today at this place which was also started few days back only!

Here are some pictures of the campsite and surrounding landscape!

We reached the camp-site in about 15-20 mins. We were immediately greeted by the owner of the camping site, Mr. Muzaffar who welcomed us with his warm smile and explained us about the valley and his camping resort's unique proposition about the 100% organic food they serve out there. We decided to stay here and it was the best decision we made! The tent resort has about 8-10 tents and more can be arranged if there's a bigger group visiting. When we were there, we were the ONLY a tourist not only at this place but in the entire valley 😂. We were made comfortable immediately by Mr. Muzzafar and we're served Kashmiri kahwa (local Kashmiri tea). We just settled in the place, dumped our luggage in our tent and roamed around a bit to soak in the beauty of the place. It was getting cold and windy but we truly enjoyed the weather and wore our jackets so not to catch the cold.

Freshly made Kahwa.. was delicious!

My wife enjoying the hospitality by the hosts with Hot cup of Kahwa tea and some Biscuits!

This place was simply awesome and it was so beautiful that we were feeling that we've reached heaven already! The resort is surrounded by river on both the sides and a drinking water water stream flowin within that you can just drink the water from. It also had pine trees all over and lovely views to enjoy everywhere. You'll also see, cattle, horses, beautiful birds and crows all around. It was just a perfect setting for a beautiful evening and we just enjoyed every second of being there. Mr. Muzaffar and his staff out there took care of us like their own family members and made sure we get every little thing we would need out there to be comfortable. They served tea in the evening and then prepared delicious dinner for us.

River views from the campsite

Lovely views

Me enjoying the bike ride :)

Me relaxing at the campsite :)

Me relaxing at the campsite :)

In the dinner, we were served with Organic Rajma (kidney beans), Rice and Country chicken which we were not expecting but they made it for us as we mentioned that we are non vegetarians. It was a very nice gesture by the team. We were so impressed by the way they served the whole dinner by laying the Kashmiri carpet inside our tent as we were tired and didn't wanted to sit outside in cold weather. We really enjoyed the way the dinner was served to us than the dinner itself (even that was very delicious as I said) but the experience was just simple and something that will stay with us for looooooong time. See the pics of the dinner served.

Yummmm Dinner inside the tent as it was pretty cold that night outside.

Yummmm Dinner with Rajma dal as they call it, Rice and Chicken curry!

Yummmmy Dinner ...

I can't even describe the feeling but we were just overwhelmed with the hospitality. We had dinner and then went to bed as we were very tired. It was cold out there but we were given several blankets to keep us warm and also watered served "noon chai (salted tea)" jut before bedtime to have a good sleep. We called it a day and slept like a kid today!

They provided us with proper and clean bedding and the blankets!

View of the campsite at night!