Road-trip to URI

This is in continuation of our travelogue from Bangalore - Srinagar - Gulmarg. If you wish to read to read the previous travelogues, you can visit here

Day 8 - Gulmarg - URI - Baramulla

This was the day when we wanted to actually start the drive to the terrain and places we actually came for. I mean we were never interested to do any tourist places but we just wanted to tick box Gulmarg from our list of visited places as we heard lot of good reviews about it. We weren’t disappointed but weren’t too appreciative of the tourist traps out there which make your whole trip very memorable but with bad taste 😜. Anyway so we woke up early to start early around 6am. We knew that we won’t get anything to eat much at that time at the hotel, so we just made coffee had some cookies to start the day. The checkout process was pretty straight and didn’t take any time. We thanked the staff, loaded our luggage and started our journey to next destination which was URI and Baramulla.

After checking out, we went straight to the market to try our luck with some breakfast and we were lucky to see couple of shops opening up and setting up their stalls. So we decided to eat here as we didn’t wanted to starve all day and were not sure of availability of food on the way to URI.

So we had breakfast at this place and the breakfast was pretty good. We finished the breakfast with a lovely cup of hot tea and Kahwa to stay awake and refreshed and continued the drive to URI.

The Gulmarg special omelette bread bun

Yummmmm .... Pao bhaji

The route to URI was pretty scenic with lovely landscapes and villages in between. We were recommended to take the route via Baba Reshi instead of Tangmarg from where we came and it was a good suggestion. We truly enjoyed the drive to Baba Reshi dargah as the roads were pretty good up to a certain point .. say 12-14kms and then deteriorated till we reached the main highway. On our way, we thought to visit the dargah which is pretty famous in that circuit but somehow we missed the place as we were busy driving and enjoying the drive and landscapes. The breathtaking beauty of this valley just makes you so engaged that you just forget everything else and that’s what exactly happened with us. After about 90mins drive, we arrived at the highway and drove towards URI, the last town of India that became very famous for the battle that happened few years back.

Lovely roads en-route

Local horse riders climbing up the mountain

The route to Baba Reshi dargah

Mobile toilets

Local eateries serving local dishes .. Lakhmi Parontha and some Halwa I guess

Kashmiri Galiyan

Look at those roots

Awesome Views all the way..

and the traffic jams caused by the local sheeps :)

bechara .. latak gaya na :(

again ...

Wonderful views .. aren't they?

Wonderful views .. aren't they?

Winding roads and lovely beautiful and green surroundings

Kids going to school.. well done kids

the color coded sheep

felt like offroading here but then we opted out of it as was a bit risky

Walnut trees all the way here

River in full gushing water

Awesome views

and the town views from the hill .. lovely it was .. the scotland of india

my beast (Raakshas) posing here

Lovely Valley views

Lovely Valley views

Lovely Valley views

Lovely Valley views .. see the green cover.. just amazing

Local shops .. they were very curious why we are there and why the hell clicking pictures :)

Lovely Valley views

Lovely Valley views

Lovely Valley views

Lovely Valley views

Beautiful Kashmiri houses

Finally we reached the main road that leads to URI through Baramulla

@ Baramulla, never thought we will be here someday but were lucky to be there

About URI

URI became famous very recently when bollywood released a movie on the battle of URI. You can read about it here and if you want to watch the movie, its available on Amazon as well.

Trailer of URI if you wish to watch :)

The journey to URI

To go to URI, we had to take permits from the local police station as the Army folks wouldn’t allow you to cross the check-post after the main town of URI to go towards Red Bridge and Kaman Post. So we drove towards URI which was a great drive after you leave the main highway. The climb starts with a very broad (two lane) and well maintained road alongside the river.

on the way to URI

Lovely views all the way

Lovely views all the way

Lovely views all the way

The whole drive is so very green and scenic that you’ll end up stopping everywhere for taking pictures and capturing the eternal beauty of the valley out there. And we did the same until we were alarmed and stopped of taking pictures by Army personnel who came from somewhere and told us strictly not to take the pictures specially of the military establishment which we were anyway not taking. So we were very cautious now of the surroundings and places where it could be sensitive taking pics and refrained from doing so and continued enjoying our drive. We passed through couple of villages on the way to RedBridge and several Army camps which were all very protected.