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Weekend drives for SUV owners around Bangalore - Episode 1

This is one of the blog posts I always wanted to write so that I help the fellow SUV owners to explore the trails and places where the SUV’s can go, have fun and also enjoy the beautiful countryside of India. I like off-roading a lot and very often I used to look for places where we can do some off-roading which is not tough or extreme as done by many experienced off-roaders in these customised vehicles like Mahindra Thar or other Jeeps but that a different class. There are many SUV owners those want to go for drives in and around the city and want to do some off-roading as well but don’t want to risk damaging their SUV’s by doing the extreme off-roading and this is where it prompted me to explore the places where we can easily go in SUV’s, have fun doing some light off-roading and also explore beautiful places in around our cities. I’ve started this series of blog posts where I will be posting trails that are doable in any reasonable SUV with good ground clearance and specially those who have a 4x4 SUV’s like New Mahindra Thar, XUV 500, XUV 700, Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner, Tata harrier, Jeep Compass etc. etc...

Please note I’m only going to narrate my experiences of These places and trails I’ve done and in no means I’m encouraging anyone to do these if you are not comfortable. Please do not attempt any trails that you’re not comfortable doing and safe yourself from damages to your cars or to yourself!

So, today I‘ll Be narrating our drive to one of the temples near Bangalore

Shree Siddeshwara temple!

Overview: The drive to this place is about 90-100mins drive from Bangalore-Kanakpura NICE road junction. The drive offers a great mix of off-roading trails, scenic views, forest drive and photogenic countryside. If you're traveling with family, please be a bit cautious as the place is very remote and you may not get any help if stuck.. so go in group if possible or take precautions. Also, there were no place to get any food out there, so carry your own food else you might starve out there! Carry umbrella if its too hot or raining. Wear full pants as there could be bushes you might need to venture into.

Enjoy the ride!

Awesome views of the Akravati lake!

The map of the trail (please drop me a message for map file with navigation).

Reserved forest range

Our beast parked in the jungle!

Temple view

The Shiv Temple

Shiv linga. Shiv shankar bhole nath!

Shiva linga!

Awesome view from the temple

Amazing views all around

View from the top!

Steps downwards..

Country roads ..

Backwater views!

One of the temples in the vicinity

Selfie :)

The other side of the dam

Photo to banti hai bhai!

The map of the place

Here is the VLOG of the entire trip. Enjoy! Please like and subscribe my channel for more off-roading trails and drives around Bangalore.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and if you want to travel to any of the places I've narrated in my blogs, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions on the route, places, accommodation etc. I'be happy to help you all!

Have a wonderful life!


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