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A Safari Oasis: Our Experience at Muthu Keekorok Lodge, Masai Mara

As avid travelers, my wife and I are always on the lookout for unique destinations that offer a perfect blend of adventure and comfort. Our recent journey led us to the iconic Masai Mara, where we were fortunate to stay at the esteemed Keekorok Lodge. Reflecting on our experience, we're thrilled to share our perspective on this unforgettable retreat.

Entrance of the Keekorok Lodge

We were greeted here with a very warm welcome and in local language and English. The person at reception as very good and explained everything about the facilities and rules of the property. One thing which was emphasised was not to venture out of our rooms after 7pm alone as there might be wild animals in the property :)

Reception and lobby area @ Keekorok Lodge

Reception and lobby area @ Keekorok Lodge

What a great message at the Bar area @ Keekorok Lodge

Throughout our stay, the hospitality extended by the staff at Keekorok Lodge was truly exceptional. From personalised welcomes to attentive service, every interaction left us feeling valued and cared for. It was evident that the team was genuinely passionate about ensuring that guests had a memorable stay, and their warmth added an extra layer of joy to our experience.

From the moment we arrived at Keekorok Lodge, we were captivated by its serene surroundings. Set against the backdrop of the Masai Mara National Reserve, the lodge boasts a prime location that promises awe-inspiring views of the wilderness.

Lawn area and Landscaping @ Keekorok Lodge

Lawn area and Landscaping @ Keekorok Lodge

Bon-fireplace. We never saw them operating this maybe because of the warm weather... nights were not very warm but were indeed cold so they could have done this at least once.. but none..

As we stepped into our room, we realised that none of the rooms here have AC's or Fans.. which I think probably is needed atleast for people like us but it wasn't there.. not even a pedestal fan.. It wasn't very hot inside the rom but it kept us asking for a fan at the minimum.. Later we realised that fans and AC's are no where in Africa at-least in hotels which is a bummer for me atleast :( Anyway, good thing was the room itself was pretty cozy, well lit and clean. The bed was good if not the greatest and the washroom was pretty good for showers after the safari.

Of course, one of the highlights of our time at Keekorok Lodge was the culinary journey we embarked on. Each meal was a gastronomic delight, offering a tantalizing array of flavors that showcased the best of Kenyan cuisine. From hearty breakfasts to sumptuous dinners, every dish left us craving for more, and we savored every bite amidst the stunning backdrop of the reserve.

Dining Area at the property. All the meals are served here in a buffet setup. The buffet was very good considering the property being inside the Mara Reserve.. it was commendable to see a full spread of local and international dishes. The service was impeccable as well. The only thing they can perhaps improve on is making this area bigger and more ventilated if not air conditioned as it used to get a lot warmer in the day time.

Food spread at the lodge.. was yummm! This used to mostly change everyday with different varieties of fruits and dishes.. was surprising to see a good influence of Indian food all through the buffet!

One of the most unique features of Keekorok Lodge is its hippo pool, a natural wonder that lies within the property. We spent hours mesmerized by the sight of these majestic creatures, marveling at their grace as they lounged in the water. It was a privilege to observe them in their natural habitat, and it added an element of excitement to our stay.

Hipppo Pond within the property! Notice the hippos submerged in the water..

Hippos, often referred to as the "river horses" of Africa, have a fascinating nocturnal behavior that sees them spending their nights submerged in water. This behavior serves multiple purposes: it helps them stay cool in the heat of the day, protects their sensitive skin from sunburn, and provides a refuge from potential predators. However, as the evening sets in and temperatures drop, hippos emerge from the water to graze on land. This twilight transition allows them to forage for grass, their primary food source, under the cover of darkness when it's safer from predators and when the temperature is more favorable for their sensitive skin. So, while hippos may seem elusive during the day, their evening appearances offer a glimpse into their fascinating and strategic adaptation to their environment.

Walkway to the Hippo pond

Walkway to the Hippo pond

We the couple :)

Sunsets were amazing here and the colors of the sky were just to cherish! Loved every moment out here..

Bar at the Hippo pond

The magical sunset of Masai Mara!

The bar at the Hippo Pond within the property!

Hippo pond at evening time..

Pool area which we never used :( Had no time and it used to be burning hot and sunny in the afternoon so we avoided this completely!

Evening coffee time..

Night view

Moreover, we were delighted to immerse ourselves in the vibrant culture of the Masai people through the nightly dance and cultural programs hosted at Keekorok Lodge. Underneath the starry skies, we joined in the rhythmic beats of traditional music and dance, feeling a deep connection to the rich heritage of the Masai community.

They used to perform a traditional dance everyday at the dinner time and also provided a photo opportunity for tourists who want to participate. Was lovely and something fun :)

The photo opp with the Masai people :)

Dance performance at the dinner by Masai folks!

Dance performance at the dinner by Masai folks!

The great sunset!

Hi tea time! Once you come back from the evening safari, they used to serve Tea/Coffee at the open area here. Was a good experience but left desirable for at-least some snacks or cookies at-least. None was provided. The dinner time was 7pm so was ok to have quick tea/coffee and then start the dinner. Kenyan Coffee I think is one of the best blends in the world and it used to be great coffee ..

Bed at the property was good and comfortable if not exceptionally great! I would have loved it to be a bit harder than it was but it wasn't bad for sure.

One of the night I heard some noise outside and when I woke up, I saw some Hippos just grazing outside our room !! That was a great moment and maybe a bit scary as well but as far as you're in your room, there was nothing to worry about! We used to be escorted to dining area and back to room if there were any wldlife around the lawn area..

Hippo baba outside our room at midnight! Was interesting ..


Conclusion: The Keekorok Lodge, Masai Mara is a wonderful property and is situated at one of the best locations as well. This place is just 20 mins drive from the Keekorok Airstrip if you're coming by air like we did. Its very convenient and is within the park for maximum utilisation of your time inside the park. Even thought its priced high but I think its well worth the price for the value it provides. The staff is good and goes beyond to make you comfortable. The food options are very good and they serve international cuisine for everyone to cherish. Breakfast used to be very good with multiple options. The highlight was the dinner everyday with the Masai Dance performance! The Place where they can improve are: 1\ Provide proper toiletries as we only were provided with Soap, Shampoo etc. and no conditioner, dental kits, shaving kits or anything else. The tea/coffee sachets were replaced everyday and once they missed it as well. 4 250ml water bottles are served everyday and were missed twice. Mind you these are glass bottles and if you need to take water to safari, you have to buy separately though your Safari may and may not include that.. it was included for us. Safari lunch was pretty good and sufficient.

Picnic lunch

In essence, our stay at Keekorok Lodge was a dream come true. From the breathtaking surroundings to the heartfelt hospitality and unforgettable experiences, every moment surpassed our expectations. For anyone seeking an authentic safari experience infused with luxury and adventure, Keekorok Lodge is the ultimate destination in the Masai Mara.

Overall I would highly recommend this property to anyone who are looking for a comfortable stay and a memorable one! If you're looking for an ultra luxury stay and maybe in tents like some other properties do here in Mara, maybe look somewhere else.

Stay tuned for more updates on the itinerary for Masai Mara trip and wonderful game drives and encounters with the Big Fives and other animal creatures of Masai Mara in subsequent posts.. coming soon.



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