Caught in the camera - a huge Tusker swaying away a relaxing Tiger

Now this is something I’ve seen for the first time with my naked eyes, right in front of me just 100-150meters away.. yes that was a tiger relaxing at the tiger tank and here comes a huge tusker and charges at the tiger to make the cat run away and leave the place immediately. So this was our last and 4th safari of this trip and we were super lucky this time to have seen at least one cat in every safari we had so far. This one was no different that after roaming around for some time and scanning the jungle, we spotted a tiger sitting & relaxing on the water body.

Tiger relaxing at the tiger tank

Tiger relaxing at the tiger tank

We stayed here waiting for the tiger to wake upon make some move .. but she was deep asleep I guess

We just stayed here clicking some shots and waiting for any action..

It was a great moment to capture and just witness the sheer luxuries of life our cats have in the jungle.. I mean who doesn’t want to relax by the water/lake without any fear of anyone specially when you’re the king of the jungle.

And suddenly I saw the tiger waking up and I was excited to see her wake up and making a move so I can capture some more shots without being aware what caused her to wake up..

The moment was great as we waited for the tiger to wake up and give us some shots but she did not budge. It was nearly 10-15 minutes we waited for her to wake up but all we saw was that she was deep asleep UNTIL someone shouted from the jeep TUSKER TUSKER and here we were stunned to see that scene, it was magical to see a wild huge gigantic Tusker in front of the Tiger, swaying her away and charging at her to send her out of that place.