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My experience with COVID-19 and some TIPS

Well, we’ve all heard about the novel corona virus or COVID 19 and how deadly it is for someone who’s got it. It is absolutely true that it’s deadly but more than the threat to your life it is a torture and attacks the infected person in many other ways that are more harmful than the death itself... read on further on what all I had to go through..

I fought with this deadly virus for couple of weeks and trying to come out of it completely now as I write this blog. Though I did go through what most of the infected people go through physically, but it did help me reconnect with myself, gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life, what I’ve achieved or accumulated so far, what matters to me and what not. It also helped me really calibrate my life’s focus and priorities for the rest of my life, for whatever time I have left. I truly enjoyed this aspect of the downtime and came out stronger than what I was before this.