Ford Endeavour - Long term review

Well, its been 3 years now that I've been driving my beloved SUV or as I like to call it "Raakshas" and I must say that I've been super duper happy with its performance, reliability and fun factor. I've covered almost 40k kilometers with this beast and it has never let me down till now :)

I'm writing this post as a continuation to my earlier blog post that I wrote after I completed 1 year with this beast. You may want to read that as well and the link is here.

In 3 years, I've done many drives with this beast, long and short and truly have enjoyed every drive. My drives have been super fun with the Endeavour and the best part has been that you do not get fatigued even after driving for several hours in a row. I've driven for more than 1000+ kms a day and 14hrs hrs a day without any tiredness whatsoever because of the vehicle. some of the drives I've done were from Bangalore to Kashmir (9800kms), Bangalore to Rajasthan (8300 kms) and Bangalore to Kerala (4000 kms). These drives have proved to be super fun because of Endy and its capabilities as well. At no place I felt that the vehicle was not capable of going into any kind of terrain, be it Muddy trails, Slushy tracks, Rocky roads or paths or even Snowy Icy trails with Slush.. and of-course on tarred roads.

Some of the features I've absolutely loved so far are below

Cruise control

Cruise control has been my favourite feature in Endy coming from an SUV (Mahindra Scorpio) that didn't had this. This has helped me drive the vehicle for very long drives without much effort and fatigue of pressing clutch (as its automatic) and then having Cruise Control to just sail through most of the distances on the expressways and highways of India. I love this feature and use it mostly every time when I'm on a highway.

Safety and performance wise, I've never been let down by this feature ever. It works beautifully and you feel absolutely in control event when the Cruise control is ON. The system response is great and the moment you either press the cancel button or press the brake paddle, you immediately get the control back. It's such a blessing to have this feature specially for the people who drive on highways and for long distances.

What are your views when it comes to cruise-control? Let me know by commenting in the comments section.


I love this as it makes the vehicle so ventilated and breezy that if the weather is good and you drive the vehicle with open sunroof, you feel like you're driving a roofless car and can enjoy the weather specially in hills and places with no pollution. It also helps me take some great videos and shots while driving by mounting some camera gear on the Sunroof.

On the stability, this has been working pretty well but had few issues a couple of times when it refused to close. Then I had to clean the channel on what it runs and most of the times, it came back to normal functioning. Only once, I had to manually push it a bit to close it when it refused to close. I got this checked at the Service Station and they fixed the problem immediately for me. Ever since that, touchwood I've not had this problem re-occur.

Has your Endy given you any problem related to the sunroof yet? Please leave your feedback in the comments section or this article.

Battery backup and performance

Well, this has let me down in the 3rd year a bit. As I go on very long drives and can't afford to have battery issues on my drives, I always used to get the battery checked before every drive I used to go on. Luckily on the long drives, it has never let me down and in places where I was expecting that it might create issues, it has never got me stuck anywhere.

One day before I went on my Rajasthan trip, while I was loading the luggage and preparing the vehicle for the drive, I ran the music system continuously for couple of hours. This drained the battery and the vehicle didn't start. The amount of electronics we have in Endy is a big issue if you have a weak battery and it is suggested to change if you don't want any bad surprises. I called the ERS folks to start the vehicle and they jump started the vehicle and ever since then it was fine.

For my Kashmir trip, I got the battery checked before the trip so it doesn't create any problem and it didn't. I was very wor