Breathtakingly beautiful Lolab Valley to the borders of PoK, Tangdhar, Kashmir

This post is in continuation of series my blog Bangalore- Kashmir - Bangalore and I encourage you to read the earlier posts if you want to enjoy the full drive and experience the beautiful vistas of Kashmir, our jannat on earth.

In this post I'll be covering the drive from Chandigam (Lolab valley) to Tangdhar, the most remote place I've ever been (I guess) and the closest to Pakistan. The place was beautiful but is ruined by the tension between two countries. Anyway, let rock and roll..

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Tangdhar Valley view

Day 10 - Chandigam (Lolab Valley) to Tangdhar

So we woke up early morning to proceed with our further journey Tangdhar today. Tangdhar is on another route and you have to go back to Kupwara to take the Tangdhar route. This was a lovely rainy morning and as it had rained pretty heavily last night, it was pretty misty and cold. So we packed our bags and proceeded to Tangdhar side. Enroute we took a lot of pictures ... the valley is really awesome and as it was raining and foggy, the scene there was just simply mesmerising.

Tourist bungalow at Chandigam. Look at the dew on the beast. It rained pretty heavy last night and the morning was very wet and cold.

Family pic to banti hai :)

So we thanked our care taker Hamid for his hospitality and serving us good food. He was very nice person and took good care of us during our stay. He also suggested us what to do and not on our way to Tangdhar and wished us good luck.

If any of you want to visit this place or anywhere in this part of Kashmir, drop me a note and I can send you his contact details. I don't want to SPAM him and don't want to list his number here. He runs a travel agency as well and can be of great help to you.

Thank you Hamid.

On the way we actually planned to do Kalroos caves as well but as it was raining heavily, we were advised by Hamid that we avoid going to the caves as it will be pretty risky. Also as it is a trek, we didn’t wanted to exhaust ourselves or take any risk of slipping etc. in these rainy conditions so we avoided that and went straight to Kupwara and then to Tangdhar.

Some beautiful shots of the valley

a normal sight on the roads of Kashmir

One of the Mosque's in Chandigam

Kidos coming or going to school.. good to see the education is provided in such remote areas as well of India

Entrance to Chandigam

Beautiful views all the way

It was drizzling a bit this morning so we stopped here to take some shots beofre moving forward

Panorama shot of the valley

Lovely valley

Fascinating .. isn't it?

Jannat yahin hai.. yahin hai.. yahin hai ..

My beast :)

The valley views

Look at the drama in the skies.. believe it was awesome to be here

The valley views

Rice .. everywhere

The valley views

The valley views

Gentlemen relaxing and chit chatting

The valley views

Look at the greenery here.. amazing it was

The drive to Kupwara wasn’t very long and then we took a deviation towards Tangdhar from the main town. When we were passing through the town, we stopped there for shopping of some almonds, walnuts, Kashmiri chilly, dates, Kashmiri tea (kahwa) etc. after that we proceeded to Tangdhar.

As it was Ramadan time, there were a lot of vendors selling these sweets and pakodas on the way.

Entry gate for Lolab valley

Taxi stand

Towards Tanghdar