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The wild cats of Kabini

3 Tigers, 2 Leopards and a snake kill - Wow what a trip it was!

Yes, we were purely lucky during our last safari to have spotted 3 tigers, 2 leopards and one Serpent Eagle with a Snake kill. The highlight of course was the tiger sighting relaxing on a water body when a huge tusker comes and chases the tiger away... wow that was a great moment. So, this was our 3rd safari and we were very curious to spot another tiger or a leopard or a black panther. Everybody was very excited as we spotted a great tigress in the morning safari. The search began and we were deep inside the jungle again with our expert driver and naturalist. We’ve been lucky so far so the hope was to see something great this time. So we roamed and roamed and roamed and covered every single nook and corner or the jungle to see the mighty tiger or the shy leopard. But to our bad luck, seemed like this was not our evening and we didn’t spot anything other than some birds, deer and a sambhar deer and returned back to the resort. While coming back, our driver got a call from some other driver who has spotted a leopard sitting on the tree again as we had sighted yesterday. We rushed to the place and saw the leopard relaxing on the tree and having a good time.

I've always wanted to shoot a tiger relaxing on the tree and here was the moment.. the moment I've been waiting for.. in front of my eyes.

We stopped here, took some good shots and then moved back to the resort as it was too late to be in jungle. The sighting was good end to the days safari.

Leopard relaxing on the tree

Leopard relaxing on the tree

Here it moved a bit and then went back to hibernate :)

See the distance.. it was really hard to spot it from so faaaar.. but guess we got lucky that day

Happy Wildlifing :) Save our wild cats... they're pretty good cats!

Hope you enjoyed. Me too :)

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