Another Awesome Monsoon Drive with the HVK family !

If you've heard that some people can be 2nd time lucky then you must congratulate us for one of them as we got lucky second time as well to be a part of the HVK monsoon drive !! Yippeeeeee

So after an awesome Monsoon Drive event at the God's own country - Kerala, we decided to be a part of the Karnataka expedition as well and since it was just a long day drive, we thought it would be a good fun event and we weren't wrong. The registrations as usual got sold out immediately after they were opened but somehow this time we got the confirmation that we are a part of it.

This year everything was communicated to all the participants and aspirants on WhatsApp and we got our confirmation just 1 day prior to the event. It was suspense as usual for all HVK drives that we kept guessing where will this be, how far will it be, how much time will it take, when do we need to start and when will we come back.. all these queries are very usual for anyone who participates in HVK drives. Its a part of the fun, suspense and the overall gameplay not to disclose the destination and yes as Chief (HVK) says, don't worry about the destination, just drive ! Its the journey thats important and to the destination and that was true for this awesome drive-in-meet as well with all the fellow HVK'ians.

For those who missed the event, the event was a day drive somewhere near Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore at a distance of about 200 +/- kms. We were told to come to a base camp and from there the plan was to form convoys, have breakfast and then head for the main drive circuit. So we started around 4:30am from our place in South Bangalore towards the base camp that was around 120kms away. The drive was awesome as the roads here in south are really good now a days - and I'm only talking about expressways and not the Bangalore City roads :(

It took us around 1.5hrs to reach the base camp - Hotel Mayura. When we reached there, we were almost 8th or 9th car who had arrived there around 6:05am.

Coffee / Tea being served.

We parked our car and waited for the instructions.

Our beast parked in the queue

Yes you can rest on rent :) the Rest-o-rent :))

HVK'ians waiting for other cars. We were about 45 cars in total ..

Stikering in progrèss for some of the cars

From our organising team - Madhu and Shahbaz

Jyothivel - the producer !

Poorna and Mrs. Poorna - incharge of the breakfast distribution - thanks guys for the hot 'n yummy breakfast and all your arrangements

We getting stickered

and numbered with a smile :)

Breakfast distribution. Thanks Poorna !

Yummy Upma and Kesaribath ...

After the stickering and breakfast we moved towards the next stop with our convoy. Seriously had no clue on where we are going but one thing we knew that it will be fun for SURE

towards Mangalore

Excellent roads

Lovely weather, excellent roads and SUV ki savaari - what a combination :)

Chief's express passing by our our convoy

Lovely greenery all around the drive circuit

Our Convoy

Lovely views all the way

Passing through the villages

Serenity ...

Convoy towards ... hmmm... don't know