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Lessons I have learnt from the Mountains!

Here are few of the lessons I learnt from all my drives to the mountains and spending a lot of time up there specially in the Himalayan ranges. Please note these are based on my personal experiences only and views expressed are only personal. Feel free to read and share with others if you find these useful.

The view from the top matters!

As quoted by Larry Steven’s “The success is in the journey, but the reward is in the view from the top.” I totally agree and believe in this statement from my core. We have been climbing mountains from long either by foot or by the car and it has always not been a very smooth journey, we have gone through many tough times during the drives, crossed many obstacles like, blocked roads, water crossings, river crossings, land slides, glacier crossings, fallen trees on the trails and it has all taught us one thing, i.e., if you want to be at the top you got to cross all of these hurdles because they’re worth it. Period. After crossing all of these hurdles when you reach the top, you realise that many couldn’t make it because they didn’t plan properly, many didn’t had the tools or the right vehicle, many gave up as it was tough and many simply backed out as it could have been risky but for few who’ve made it, they can vouch for it that its really worth being there. The views from the top are not only good but it has taught me that when you’re at the top, you see a very different world compared to what you see from the ground. It’s like suddenly the world has exploded, the opportunity has expanded, the size, the scale of everything what you see from the t