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Are you a


or a 

product manufacturer ?

Or A

Service provider ?

DO you want to make your

Customers HAPPY ?


Increase your Sales ?

Improve your Brand Value ?

Expand your reach ?

Learning Guitar
Vintage Music Store
Small Earphones
Picking Cauliflower
Tech Watch
String Quartet
Mechanic Fixing Car
Gardener's Tools
Red car wash sign
Laundry Product Set
Picking Broccoli 2
Painting Walls
Girl Behind the Lens
Essential Gear
Photo Studio
Bike Fixing
Pet Supplies

Get onboard 


and make every customer a

"happy customer"


Understand your customers better !

Know what they like / don't like


Bring customers back to your stores (online/offline) = more Sales


Engage & Serve your customers

Faster in Real-time  


Be your customers' PREFERRED brand



builds happy experiences

for your customers on your

Products & Services


It helps you "Engage" with your Valuable Customers,

Keeps your valuable customers informed on product benefits,

Keeps them up-to-date on New Product Releases and Updates,

Let's you reach out to your customers for easier Recalls,

Educates customers on how to use the products "the best way",

Helps you Learn how your Customers use your products & get direct feedback,

Delight's them & help you retain them as 

HAPPY CUSTOMER's for life !

valupluss network

Is an ecosystem of

retailers and product manufacturers

that helps customers to 

have a delightful experince with

every purchase, everywhere & everytime

Understand how valupluss can help you.

Are you a

Retailer ?

Bring back your customers 

to your Online or Offline stores,

Engage with them,

Understand what they

Like, what they Dis-like ?

What makes them Happy?

What makes them BUY from You ?

Tell them how you like serving them..

Make them HAPPY .. 

so they 

SHOP with you and be your

Customer for Life !

Product Manufacturer ?

Get connected to your real customers ..

Build your Brand..

Educate your Customers

WHY your Products are Superior..

Why should they TRUST your Products or Services ..

HOW are you DIFFERENT ..

WHY should they BUY your product?

How can they provide you


Understand, what makes them


HAPPY for Life !

Service Provider ?

Get connected to the customers who need your services..

Help your customers get the best of your services  ..

offer personalised services .. with ease

delight your customers and make them smile :)

grow your customer base & earn more .. everyday

Get connected to the customers who need your services..

at the right time ..

Help your customers get the best of your services  ..

Offer personalised services ..

with EASE !

DELIGHT your customers

and make them smile :)

Grow your customer base

without spending a penny*

& earn more .. everyday !

Make Customers for Life !

Creating Happy Customers for Life !!

Register Now for FREE

Retailers / Manufacturers / Service Providers

register yourself on

valupluss network

Earth's largest Customer Engagement EcoSystem !

Ask your customers to Download the mobile App today !

valupluss - now experience what you own !

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